Dates: June, 28 – July, 15

Participants: schoolchildren of grades 7-11

“Selet-Aznakay” intellectual, sports and tourist session presents the opportunity for the gifted children of the Aznakayevsky district to immerse into the versatile “Selet” world.

The lessons of the session are held in the form of creative workshops in the following areas: “Foreign languages”, “Scriptwriting”, “Public speaking”, “World of ideas”, “KVN”, “Mathematics” and “Tourism”. The participants of the session have experienced counselors who have obtained the necessary knowledge and skills for working with gifted children.

This session mainly allows fulfilling two priority tasks:

- identifying and developing the gifted children, with the prospect of forming a creative and intellectual elite of the Republic of Tatarstan;

- providing access to creative, intellectual and sports skills and knowledge.